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Paranormal Pregnancy

Paranormal Pregnancy

Paranormal Pregnancy

Strangely I found out that I am pregnant from August 11, 2012. Almost 14 weeks pregnant and currently I actually have a really unnatural what happening to me and its hard to believe what I am feeling. I actually have few attacks by spirits or ghosts before and I toddler has on either side of the family at risk of ghosts I am a lot of inclined there to currently that I am pregnant I hear voices and see the faces of dead youngsters and that I have had dreams or nightmares and therefore the girl tried to kill her kid. My friend told Pine Tree State that he had a dream identical girl, and she or he created a ritual within the basement, and she or he was pregnant and going regarding what it’ll work this point, however ne’er make a case for what it had been.

I’m distressed as a result of

I awakened with cuts on my body generally when these dreams and my lamp 5 feet from my bed fell.

on his head once he wasn’t even near Pine Tree State. I actually have a sense that one thing unhealthy when my kid or I really like you, I actually want facilitate, recommendation or something regarding what I ought to do to forestall it. I worry for my life and my kid. I actually have a number of theories regarding what a lady attempting to induce my kid to steal and use it for evil or reincarnate her kid as his own and evil. however I honestly don’t grasp, that is why I came here somewhat a lot of clarity, or whoever is also within the same scenario, I am extremely frightened and that i need Help.


United States State: Indiana


Believe it or not

Spirits Asking For Peace

spirits asking for peace

Spirits asking for peace

When I was 9 years old, I lived in these apartments, and one night I tried to sleep, and then I made some Para glowing, white, cat’s eyes. I looked and looked at them until they finally weeks later, I tried again to sleep and my sister started breathing pompous. After a few moments looking at the pom-pom, I decided that unlike eyed cat, he would not go away so easily. So I jumped up and ran down the stairs (we use to live in a townhouse), and told my mother. When she came upstairs with me and turned on the light was leaving pompous breath.

A few months later, we moved to Zhivago. it have two bedroom two bath Duplex south-eastern part, OKC. I never felt comfortable in that house. I always felt like that I was watching. When I and my family of four (father, mother, sister and I looked at the house would not under any circumstances, I’ll be there, but we ended up moving here. One time we were eating in the dining room, and we heard the voice of thunder as something is happening in my bedroom . We went immediately out to check and find all sat of on our table was thrown to the floor.

A few weeks later one night I was taking a bath and my mother was cleaning the bathroom, but she still had to mop obratno.Shvabra leaned against the wall in the corner of the bathroom opposite. Suddenly fell and crashed to the ground the way. It scares me so much that I walked right out in the towel and ran away.

Around four weeks in the seventh grade, I had a dream. It all started with me listening to MP3 player and someone knock the door of my bedroom. Suddenly two old spirit appeared and said something I do not remember exactly, but something tells me that this is a last warning. In any case, even if she was very friendly ghosts they are still scary as hell. So I walked down the hall to the dining room. I saw that the door had been boarded up. For all wooden planks as something demonic zombie and waved his arms, as if it is trying very hard to get out. At the end I was in the dining room where my father was eating a salad. Then I woke up.

When I went to take shower, I feel like I saw a shadow moving in the corner of my eye. I usually looked in the mirror hanging above our sink. This day was one of those rare days when Amber (my sister) not only ruined my only full-time. When I found the mirror, I saw what appeared five corner scratches vertically downward below zero and four marks one laboratory. If two scratches were made, apparently drops of blood. I tried to destroy it, but I could not. And a half months have passed.

This is untold fear story of a boy from Oklahoma, United States.

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