Untold fear

All characters appearing in this Blog are Real. May be related to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Mystery of a Cigarette

So there is a knock on the door, which was now so snacking at night, I woke up disturb mind. “Hey … I’ll look a concierge who will escort you home … to give way to the gate of the lid.” And she came into the house .. If any doubt arises about pushing too far from the tone of his voice and turned. Tanvi’s no way but to me nothing could address.


“Tanvi, where you drop from the sky and bursting with opinion … fat! Where did I know? ‘?”, I was amazed that it arrive unannounced. “Interpol, Fbiai … everywhere so you dont … just found the most wanted list, man, you have a limit, itte is difficult to find at banglore me know what thy. Come after so many years and you’ll be happy to meet you! rang arguing, become a cop kya? ” The answer came like a bullet from Dunn … my goodness she spoke like a child, her name without the comma, we have the tape recorder Fulstop did. “No, I just asked my mom was anything like you to know the Great Spirit is kinda a big deal.”

And was her turn now, it stops before I figured he had to inspect the house … “Dude, it’s that you can not clean your house, girlfrind what?”. “Yes, it is. Amma .. 50’s, is the result of all those cleaning, food feeds also … But you say it’s age a little more, then I’ll marry her. anything for you, man. “She was looking for her He was hit in the hand by pulling the catch came, it was so minor that the rubber ball, or so was my head.

Was a dump cans of beer in the kitchen, ” Shit you felt drunk, thinking aunt found out, so be it.” Packets of trouble he had now come back to the room inspection was over. “Hey, how many times have you said Tanvi Bobby Bubai not called me, that thou speak not improve … Do not think Mom and .. or else …”

“Oh … what would threaten Ray, will be … just call me Lgauँ what?”

Mom was not claimed to be the leader of the opposition., and thou in me, that his side? “

always used to tease him Bubai household name. Become a distraction … Tanvi is not a girl no trouble and sorrow when she said this. “What is the problem, man, you say, I am”, “love you too worn dialog kills in my life There is also good for you that the problem was never … I’m big, huh. Well, problem is that I’m hungry. “

“Oops .. voraciously hungry midnight, when I was coming home at 9 could not eat … the kitchen is Maggie, do I prepare myself?”

“Oh my God … I am not going miserly Scrooge Maggie eat … I eat pizza., And give you money, after all you boy and I’m a friend of your childhood, and age younger than three months’ll you! And yes I will do my share of the money … “.

“Do not beg, ask for money from you … Amma … I dare say what I eat pizza …”

And then the rest of us were eating pizza. Courtesy of  home delivery ones, saving the lives of poor people like us will carry 24 hours.

He turned out to be a pack of cigarettes from the pocket … Mailds Marlborough. “Smoked” I fell from the sky … “Tanvi, lung cancer will kill you, what is mad, when they started smoking, do not tell me …” “Do not lecture chandeliers …
Now no one can say about it, so I said nothing, silently took my hand and cigarettes and ashtrays removed from the bottom next to the bed.
He took a deep puff and said, “And do you know what happens … a flash and over die, that you do not even dead.”
“Yes, yes to die Tune Ph. D, the unquiet spirit, is interviewed by Yama Tune, and you do not know. Again is climbing Tujpr ghost of poetry, and I have no place to escape. Spare me to give my mom. A round will not happen today. ”
“Amen … and take some baby demand, we are pleased with your prayers.” His style was really the most part. Now perhaps for the first time in many years, I had observed, probably because there were many days. She was looking very beautiful. “What happened?” “Do you always so beautiful?” “No, I’ve had the implant face … the eyes Aishwarya, Preity’s dimples … Madhuri’s smile … Offfo line is killing me, still do not have a karate chops, three will last till eternity “” You do not answer straight away no matter what … two of what the money would love to speak away from induction. was going to be angry, me her “and she laughed to quip …” straight talk, Prabhu Chawla understands what … I love you! … you will be so. “

“Leave running, what are you doing in life?” “Just love the fashion show at the Taj, the brides of India, so I’m a little busy. Months or so .. just plan the moves.’ll Write a little too often . just tell you? “” I have nothing special, everyday pulling pulling from the editor, last month wrote a lengthy feature, … Nowadays Coast laurels was killed years by cutting bonuses. going home next week I am. been very long. “

Talk about a minute’s silence … life is so often the case.. A lull in which the words are not enough, other things happen.

As soon as the elevator door was closing, he stopped … and somewhere deep in my eyes and said, “You know one thing you can not tell Neil … I have life … i love you”.
Death is … Sput. reach you there soon. “

Ashtray cigarette burns … which still had traces of lipstick.


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