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The history of the bullbrier Ghost is also one among the foremost distinctive stories within the annals of ghost lore  This strange tale from rural WV isn’t solely a neighborhood of supernatural history, however of the history of the yank judicatory moreover. It remains a 1 of a sort event.. the sole case during which the word of a ghost helped to unravel a criminal offense and convict a murderer!

Elva zone Heaster was born in bullbrier County, WV a while around 1873. very little is thought concerning her adolescence or concerning her growing up years within the Richlands section of the county, apart from she gave birth to associate bastard in 1895. One year later, in Oct 1896, she met a person named theologiser (also referred to as Edward) Stribbling Trout Shue. He was a poor person World Health Organization enraptured to bullbrier to figure as a metalworker and to start out a replacement life for himself. He visited add the search of James Crookshanks, that was situated simply off of the recent Midland path. All of the general public roads were unpaved in those days and with the county being given over to rolling hills, it had been the proper place to seek out many horses and bovine. A metalworker would notice many add bullbrier County and Trout Shue did simply that.

Zona Heaster

Zona became accustomed to Shue a brief time when he arrived in city. the 2 of them were interested in one another and shortly were married, despite the ill will felt towards Shue by Zona’s mother, skunk Robinson Heaster. She had taken an immediate dislike to him and perpetually felt there was one thing the amiable man was activity.

The two lived along as man and married person for successive many months. Then, on Gregorian calendar month twenty three, 1897, Zona’s body was discovered within her house by a young boy that Shue had sent to the house on a contrived trip. He had asked him to run to the house from the metalworker search and see if there was something that zone required from the shop. The boy, Andy Jones, found zone lying on the ground at rock bottom of the steps. She was extended, together with her feet along and one hand on her abdomen and also the different lying next to her. Her head was turned slightly to 1 facet. Her eyes were wide open and staring. Even to the present tiny boy, zone Shue was clearly dead. Andy, not astonishingly, ran home to inform his mother. The native doctor and medical examiner, Dr. George W. Knapp, was summoned to the house, though he didn’t arrive for nearly associate hour.

By now, Shue had carried his wife’s body upstairs and had arranged her out on the bed. Contrary to native custom, he dressed the cadaver himself. Normally, it had been the right issue for women of the community to clean and dress a body in preparation for burial. However, Shue took it upon himself to decorate zone in her best vesture. A necked, stiff-collared dress coated her neck and a veil had been placed over her face. Dr. Knapp examined her to work out a reason for death, Shue stayed by his wife’s facet, cradling her head and sob. owing to Shue’s obvious grief, Knapp gave the body solely a passing examination, though he did notice some bruising on her neck. once he tried to appear nearer, Shue reacted therefore violently that the medical practitioner concluded the examination and he left. Initially, he listed her reason for death as “everlasting faint” so as “childbirth”. it’s unknown whether or not zone was pregnant or not, except for time period before her death,.

The House wherever zone was Killed

Dr. Knapp sent somebody resolute advise Zona’s oldsters however word of the young woman’s death quickly unfold through the community. By late afternoon, 2 young men World Health Organization were friends of Zona’s, volunteered to stay a section referred to as hay field Bluff and tell the Heaster’s family what had happened. The farm was situated concerning fifteen miles west of the Richlands, in a section close to Livesay’s Mill and also the city of Rainelle. They lived in associate isolated space wherever alittle scattering of homes and farms were close against the facet of very little Sewell Mountain.

When she was hip to of the news of her daughter’s death Madonna Heaster’s face grew dark.

On weekday, January 24, Zona’s body was taken by carriage to her parent’s zero in associate unfinished coffin provided by the Handley enterprise institution. Mrs. Shue’s husband and some of neighbors presided over the move and that they brought Trout Shue along side them to the mountain farm. There he showed extraordinary devotion to the body, keeping a vigil at the top of the open coffin throughout the move. The body was then “laid out” within the Heaster’s house. This event day Sunday, the night and up till the time for burial on Mon. It gave neighbors and friends a chance to pay their deference to the dead, provide solace to the bereft, bring food for the family and conjointly to go to with each other.

Those who came to pay their respects throughout the wake discerned some fairly freakish behavior on the a part of Trout Shue. His grief modified back and forth between overwhelming unhappiness and wild energy. He allowed nobody to induce near the coffin, particularly whereas he was inserting a pillow on one facet of her head and a rolled artefact on the opposite. He explained that they were to assist zone “rest easier”. additionally, he tied an outsized scarf round her neck and explained tearfully that it “had been Zona’s favorite”. once it came time to maneuver the cadaver to the site tho’, many individuals noticed that there perceived to be an odd movability to Zona’s head.

Needless to mention, individuals began to speak.

There was one one that didn’t got to be convinced from now on that Shue was acting suspiciously concerning Zona’s death. This person was skunk Heaster. She scorned Shue from the beginning and had ne’er needed her girl to marry the intruder. She was even additional against the wedding once zone discovered to her that Shue had been married twice before! There was one thing wrong all told of this, she knew, however there perceived to be no thanks to prove it.

After the wake, skunk took the sheet from within the coffin and later tried to come it to Shue, however he refused it. Folding it make a copy to place it away, she noticed that it had a peculiar odor, therefore she washed it out. once she born the sheet into a basin, the water within turned red. Strangely, the sheet then turned pink and also the change the water nonexistent. skunk then stewed the sheet and adorned it outside for many days however the stain couldn’t be removed. She understood the eerie “bloodstains” as an indication that zone had been dead. That was once she began to hope.

Every night for successive four weeks, skunk prayed fervidly that her girl would come to her and reveal the reality concerning however she had died. in line with legend, a couple of weeks later, her prayers were answered.

Mary Jane Heaster

Over the course of 4 dark nights, the spirit of zone Shue appeared at her mother’s side. She would return as a bright light-weight initially so the apparition would take shape, chilling the air within the entire area. She would awaken her mother from her sleep and make a case for over and another time however her husband had dead her. Trout Shue had been abusive and cruel, she aforesaid and had attacked her in an exceedingly match of rage as a result of he thought she had not lyonnaise any meat for supper. He had then brutally broken her neck and to point out this, the ghost turned her head fully around till she was facing backwards.

Mary Jane had been right. Shue had killed her girl and also the word of her spirit proved it!

A short time later, skunk visited the native public prosecutor, John Alfred Preston, in order that she might convert him to re-open the investigation into Zona’s death. She offered visitations her daughter’s spirit as proof that a miscarriage of justice was going down. By all accounts, Preston was each polite and sympathetic to Mrs. Heaster. At the top of the meeting, Preston in agreement to dispatch deputies to talk with Dr. Knapp and a couple of others concerned within the case. whereas it looks unlikely that he was willing to require another cross-check the case owing to the statement of a ghost, the investigation did get re-opened. native newspapers according that Mrs. Heaster wasn’t the sole one within the community World Health Organization was suspicious concerning Zona’s death. there have been conjointly “certain citizens” World Health Organization had began to raise queries, moreover because the growing “rumors within the community”.

Preston himself went resolute Richlands to visualize Dr. Knapp, World Health Organization admitted that his examination of the dead girl had been incomplete. the 2 of them in agreement that associate autopsy would clear things up and would ensure or deny the lingering suspicions. it’d conjointly provide them a far better plan of however zone Shue died and raise suspicions from Trout, if so he was innocent.

Days later, associate deed was ordered associated an inquiry jury was assembled. The autopsy was performed within the Nickell faculty House, that was simply a brief distance faraway from the Soule Protestant denomination memorial park. The schoolchildren were unemployed on the day of day, 1897, once the body of zone Shue was exhumed. it had been according within the native newspaper that Trout Shue “vigorously complained” concerning the deed however it had been created clear to him that he would be forced to attend the inquiry if he didn’t go willing. In rebuttal he replied that he knew that he would inactive, “but they are not ready to prove I did it”. This statement indicated that he a minimum of had information that his married person had been dead.

The autopsy lasted for 3 hours with the doctors operating below the unsure light-weight of lamp oil lanterns. The body of the dead girl was “in a close to state of good preservation, due to the cold temperatures, creating their work that a lot of easier. A jury of 5 men had been assembled to look at the proceedings and that they huddled along within the barely heat building with officers of the court, Trout Shue, Andy Jones (the boy World Health Organization had found the body) and different witnesses and spectators.

The autopsy was dole out by the quality ways, that meant that associate examination of the very important organs came initial. After that, the doctors cut associate incision on the rear of the os in order that the brain might be removed. This step wasn’t taken within the case of zone Shue but, because the doctors quickly found what they were investigating for. “found wife’s neck to been broken,” one among the physicians spoke to Trout Shue. His head born associated an expression of despair crossed over his face.

“he not able to prove that he did it,” he speechless.

It may appear odd that the broken neck wasn’t found instantly and or that it had been no more evident on the skin’s surface, however doctors can tell you that this can be one among the foremost tough injuries to discover. It makes it tougher to inform in an exceedingly cadaver as a result of the head is of course serious compared to the body. once the muscles of the deceased ar relaxed, the top tends to flop concerning. additionally, the primary os is found deep within the neck, directly below the os. This makes it arduous to seek out and it’d are that a lot of tougher for rural physicians within the late 1800’s.

The autopsy findings were quite damnatory to Shue. report on March said “the discovery was created that the neck was broken and also the trachea mashed. On the throat were the marks of fingers indicating that she had been choken [sic]….. the neck was separated between the primary and second vertebrae. The ligaments were torn and busted. The trachea had been crushed at some extent before of the neck.”

The findings were created public quickly, displeasing several within the community. Shue was inactive and charged with murder. He was fastened up in tiny stone jail on Washington Street in Lewisburg. Despite the actual fact that (outside of spirit communications) the proof against Shue was specific at the best, he was indicted by a jury and was formally arraigned for murder. He instantly entered a plea of “not guilty”.

While he expected trial, data concerning Shue’s unsavory past began to surface, leading several to believe that skunk Heaster had been right concerning him right along. zone had been his third married person. His initial wedding, to Allie Estelline Cutlip, had created one kid however had resulted in divorce in 1889 whereas Shue was in jail for horse stealing. She alleged within the divorce decree that her husband had oftentimes overwhelmed her. In 1894, Shue had married once more, now to Lucy Ann Tritt. Strangely, Lucy died simply eight months later below circumstances that were represented as “mysterious”. Shue said that Lucy fallen & had hit her head on a rock, however few believed him. Wisely, he packed up and left the realm and within the time of year of 1896, enraptured to bullbrier.

In jail, Shue remained in smart spirits, and according that his sorrowing for zone had concluded. In fact, he proclaimed that he had a long goal of getting seven wives. Since zone had solely been his third, and he was still a young man, he had a decent probability of realizing such a worthy ambition. He repeatedly told reporters that his guilt within the matter couldn’t be proved .

The trial began on June twenty two, 1897 and various individuals from the community testified against Shue. of course, came with the looks of skunk Heaster. Preston place her on the stand each because the mother of the dead girl and conjointly because the person to note the bizarre circumstances of her death. He needed to create positive that she appeared each sane and reliable. For this reason, he skirted the problem of the ghost story as a result of it had been sure to build her seem irrational and conjointly as a result of it had been impermissible proof. The teller of the story, during this case zone Shue, might clearly not be cross-examined by the defense then her testimony would be hearsay below the law.

Unfortunately for Shue, his lawyer determined to raise Mrs. Heaster concerning her supernatural watching. It appeared obvious that he was doing it to do and build skunk look ridiculous to the jury. He characterised her “visions” as a mother’s ravings and worked arduous to admit that she might need been mistaken concerning what she allegedly saw. He continued to badger her for quite a while, however skunk ne’er wavered from what she had seen. once the defense counsel accomplished that the testimony wasn’t going the approach that he needed, he unemployed her.

By that point tho’, the injury was done. as a result of the defense and not the prosecution had introduced the testimony concerning the ghost, the decide had a tough time telling the jury to exclude it. it had been apparent that almost all of the individuals within the community believed that skunk had seen her daughter’s ghost. Despite Shue’s silver-tongued testimony in his own defense, the jury quickly found him guilty. 10 of them even voted that he be hanged, that spoke volumes concerning Mrs. Heaster’s credibility as a witness. while not a unanimous finding of death tho’, Shue was sentenced to life in jail.

The sentence didn’t satisfy everybody in bullbrier County. On July 11, 1897, a citizen’s cluster of anyplace from fifteen to thirty men assembled eight miles west of Lewisburg to create a execution party. they’d purchased a replacement rope and were well armed with “Winchesters and revolvers” after they started towards the jail. If not for a person named St. George M. Harrah, World Health Organization contacted the law officer, Shue would have for sure are lynched.

Harrah contacted lawman Dwyer at the jail. it had been aforesaid that once Shue was hip to of this threat against his life, he was unable to tie his own shoes. Dwyer took him to a “place of refuge within the woods” a mile approximately from city so was ready to disband the mob and come them to their homes.

Shue was enraptured to the WV State Penitentiary in Moundsville on July fourteen, wherever he lived for successive 3 years. He died on March thirteen, 1900 from one among the epidemics of rubeola, infectious disease or pnuemonia that sweptback through the jail that spring. At that point, the jail ordinarily buried unwanted remains within the near Tom’s Run site, that no records were unbroken till the 1930’s. No trace of Trout Shue may be found nowadays.

Mary Jane Robinson Heaster lived to inform her tale to all or any World Health Organization would listen. She died in September 1916 while not ever recanting her story concerning her daughter’s ghost.

And as for zone, her ghost was ne’er seen once more, however she has left a haunting and a historical mark on bullbrier County. it’s one that’s still being felt nowadays. In fact, a wayside marker on Route sixty still commemorates the case nowadays. It reads:


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