Untold fear

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Every journey cannot be safe?

lady in forest

lady in forest

Be  Save while traveling

It’s a terrible untold fear experience that I acquired before the years when I was 18 and I just went to Purulia district (West Bengal) with my college friends for a visit. We booked a forest bungalow of Calcutta but when we arrived at the station of Purulia then it was evening. We rented a car, Tata Sumo to achieve in our forest bungalows. But the driver told us that the road that we have to go, it was not good at all, especially at night. We asked him what is the real reason, but he said nothing and after a request repeatedly, he finally agreed. To convince him, we asked him to double payment as well.

The road was really not very good, no electric light here and there, it was very dark and we could not see here and there. sometimes we thought that about 1 hour passed away, but why do we still not able to reach our destination? We asked to the driver and he also became very embarrassed and said it’s amazing that he knew the road well, but he probably made mistake in the right direction because of darkness. Meanwhile, we have also become very worried that the place was really unknown for us and it is not safe for us, such as to stay the night in the street.

every journey can not be friendly

every journey can not be friendly

At this critical moment, we saw a lady who was not very far away from the car, walking down a dark road. We thought that the lady was probably a local. We could not see the face of the lady because she was covered her face with her white cloth and we only see his back. We shouted, “Hey Ma’am, can you tell us what was the right way to go to the forest bungalow, please?” To which the lady stopped her walking, but do not look at us, and did not answer anything. We thought that she could not hear our question. So we asked again of the same, after a while it just silently held out his right hand, the right side of the jungle.

We thanked her and the driver has changed the way the right side of the jungle. While our one friend suddenly shouted – “Look, look, look lady!” We all looked around and saw that the mysterious lady was drifting in the air, about 3 to 4 feet above the ground. Seeing this, we screamed loudly and the driver drove the car at high-speed as he could. When we reached the bungalow, finally, and told about the terrible experience, hotel maids and boys told us that the road was really haunted, and no one was walking along the road at night. Because many rural girls were killed there while returning home from his workplace. So the ladies of his village, even people who have never had a walk along the road at night because they believe its a paranormal incident happened there.

Aryan Bansal

Purulia district (West Bengal),India


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